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May 2, 2017

Please help! Suitors dump me when they discover I have a child

Please help! Suitors dump me when they discover I have a childFrom a female blog reader:

Am a single mother, being suffering from heartbreaks, am a good and homly o know how to keep a man and make him feel good,my ex bf left me because he said he cant marry me cos i av a child, that he tried convincing his mom,after he got married he came back to me telling how he loves me, how he cant stay without me, that he wants us to continue the relationship, sometimes he comes to my house midnight claimimg he cant stay alone, that he wants to see….i jus feel his just enjoying my body and nothing more, three days ago he got soo angry because he found out i have a new guy…my main problem now, am really worried, i need to get married most guys comes tell u how much they love u and after that get married to someelse because your a single mother….this is the third time…….now i have a new guy now but cant tell him i have a child soo i dnt lose him again…. Pls advice me

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