Please help! Nobody wants to marry me
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February 3, 2017

Please help! Nobody wants to marry me

From a female blog reader:

Hi my name is bidemi IAm 27 years old, Somone introduced me to this blog and I love what you doing im a proud virgin, I guess the only thing that saved me was my cunny character back then in school, I was hanging out with lots of runz girls,bad girls and stuff all to cover up, cos I didn’t want anyone to see me as a church or good girl, I lied to so many of my friends about who IAm,4years in school i never visited any guy or had a serious boyfriend, I had best friend that we could kiss, play truth and dare with,Bt m getting old and yet no seriou boyfriend, all the runs girls that I knw are all married now and few with kids,n m here forming Virgin Mary with no boyfriend to show for,I believe in marriage before sex, not mentally strong for sex and its responsibility that’s my main reason why I didn’t get down,now that am out of school, every guy don’t wanna be with a v, they will tell you who virgin epp, pls I seriously advice frm your reader on what to do


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