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September 30, 2016

“Please help! My friend is in a tricky condition because of abortion”

"Please help! My friend is in a tricky condition because of abortion"

From a female blog reader:

Hello,please keep me anonymous,i’m super new here.I need advice on an issue,a good friend of mine has a boyfriend…they do alot together and they are sexually active…she has had about four abortions for this guy and right now she confided in me again that she is pregnant,I warned her after the fourth one and she promised to be careful…the doctor already told her that after the fourth,that her uterus is already weak and any other abortion could be life threatening , mind you she is just 21,while I’m 18…her parents are overly strict,therefore she is scared about her uterus and her parents,I’m a medical student so I know a lot about a damaged uterus…her parents know me well that if she aborts, they know that I was aware of the decision…and i don’t want to get into any trouble,in case she dies in the process of abortion..should i tell her parents?,should i tell mine?..do i deny knowing about it?..or do i just keep silent?,thanks,yours truly,anonymous.


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