Please help! My fiance is no longer romatic
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March 13, 2017

Please help! My fiance is no longer romatic

From a female blog reader:

Please I really need advise and pls keep me anonymous. Have been dating my boyfriend for over 2years nw and he keeps telling me he wanna settle down with me but here’s what d problem is. When we started dating, he always kiss and romance me but some months later he changed. Up till nw he doesn’t kiss me and also doesn’t romance me, all he does is jst AV sex with me which won’t even last for 10minz. It’s really annoying cuz how can he jst climb on me and sex me without making me feel him at all. He truly loves me and always proud to call me his girlfriend. I don’t knw aw to tell him about it cuz he is d type dat doesn’t listen or accept correction. AV tried saying it to him jokingly and his reply was dat he has reasons for doing so but wat could be d reason? I still don’t get it.. he doesn’t make me feel like a lady whenever am wit him. Also I knw he has other girls even thou he is hiding it, so I keep wondering, Does he treats the other girls this way too? Pls I really need ur advice cuz I dunno wat step to take and he is ready to settle down. Won’t I be making a big mistake marrying him or will he change since he said he has reasons but not ready to tell me what d reason is? I will really appreciate if u can post my message. Thanks


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