Please help! I'm tempted to sleep with our gateman
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January 2, 2017

Please help! I'm tempted to sleep with our gateman

From a female blog reader:

Happy new year. I have been trying so hard not to post my story here but I had to today because my husband phone just got stolen and he does not have plans of buying a new one soon. So am sure he won’t see this since his not in any social media platform for now.
My husbands dick is very short and curved and I don’t get any satisfaction at all, we never had sex before we got married and our meeting was this kind of arranged Marriage.
This man constantly punish me in bed, he will lie on top of me all his weight and suffocate me, his kissing game is saliva competition, this guy will pour all his saliva inside my mouth, ear, eye, in the name of romance, after that he will go down and last for few min. I have complained,spoken in all kind of manner but he won’t listen instead sometimes he Calls me a slut that never get satisfied. He even use to brag about himself that he use to finish girls far back in school and they will be begging him. We just got a new gate man and I saw him urinating the other day I was driving into my compound, this man is large I mean his magic stick is very big I Watched him dangle the dick after urinating and I just wet automatically.
I want to fuck him and the only reason I won’t is if you all can tell me why I should not.or suggest to me how I can find solution to this problem. Am sex starved.
Don’t tell me of sex toys because am tired of using them I need a real dick. Please advise me don’t insult me am only human .


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