Please help! I want to stop this lesbianism

Please help! I want to stop this lesbianism
From a female blog reader:

Growing up, I suffered humiliation from my so called male friends. They wanted to get down with me, but I refused so they all ganged up to redicule and call me all sort.. They lied against me and that and spoke so badly of me to people for years… That really affected my self esteem and psychologically. I have sincerely forgiven them. That’s what got my heart hardened to guys.(men)I guess.

I’m a lady in her early 20’s. In 2015, June precisely. I met a lady… We got talking, became really close and all of a sudden started developing feelings for eachother(sexually attracted.) We didn’t plan for that and never saw it coming because we are both virgins and strong Christians.

She at that time was dating someone before we met. She later told me that she had never felt what she felt for me with other guys she’s dated so she broke up with him.

The only thing we did was kissed, we never had sex. We were at the verge of making out, but we feared God and couldn’t.We Knew it was wrong and didn’t want to continue but because we were deeply into each other, we couldn’t resist and all.

We seriously prayed about it and it took God’s mercies to break whatever we had and was feeling.
We mutually agreed to stop talking; she blocked me on every social media platforms. It was a tough one for me because she was the only one I ever felt a thing for and everything we had ended in Dec, last year. I guess we were both naive.

Thankfully, I’m healed but I need your advice… I have never been in a relationship with a guy before. They ask me out, but I’m not the easily falling type with guys. There’s a guy I’ve been friends with, he’s really cool, though he’s not asked me out but I think I’m liking a guy for the first time in my life, he likes me too I know.

I really want to feel so much for a guy. I do not believe I am a lesbian because I was not created to be one and whatever happened in my past would never happen again by God’s grace. It’s really not easy to break the bond with a same sex partner…but with the help of God and self determination, you would break it off. (One step at a time)