Please help! I told him to change his car and he dumped me
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January 17, 2017

Please help! I told him to change his car and he dumped me

From a female blog reader:

The only reason am not married to my boyfriend is because of the kind of car he drives,we have dated for 3 years now and he won’t change the car. He drives this pencil light Camry and the car is already old and outdated, this type that does not use key but plenty wires to start it.each time we go to church I feel so ashamed coming out of such car, so when he proposed i told him to hold on until we can get a new car because I can’t use such car for my wedding,I rather walk on my legs. Instead of this man to take correction and be happy that I am pushing him to the top,he picked offense and started calling me names,like a disgrace,ungrateful, am not content,I have big eye and that those that have big eyes will be thieves. It was a very big fight so I just kept quite. He came back to apologize and I accepted but still stood my grounds with the condition that he changes his car. To my surprise this foolish man changed his car this Jan and broke up with me. I have tried to reach him but he never picks my calls,now he is flaunting a new girl all over social media. What I just need to understand is this ? Why are men so stupid? I suffered with this idiot, heat will want to kill me in his old car,even on one occasion that the car almost caught fire, I would have died for nothing,I did not ask the idiot to buy me car, I was only begging him to upgrade his life and be better,now that he bought a Toyota spider he has dumped me to enjoy with another girl that did not suffer with him. Why are men just so stupid. How can I pay this wicked man back? I feel used because I was the one who pushed him to be a better man, now another woman will enjoy it. Advise from ladies 


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