Please help! I think my new husband is already cheating
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December 9, 2016

Please help! I think my new husband is already cheating

From a female blog reader:

Pls keep me anonymous, been married for months now and God willing everything is going smoothly, though I have something bordering me maybe becoz bl4 now I have seen some messages in hubby’s fone with Some random girls and he keep saying dhas nothing between dem its just a message it means nothing and its only me he has ever been with since we got married, but since he started locking he’s fones I don’t feel comfortable anymore I feel he’s hiding something cux he does not want me to know he’s password and sometimes if he’s using he’s fone ones I come close he puts it off and keeps it. Now I don’t know if am just been paranoid cux of d things I have seen bl4 or he’s really hiding something from me. Please I really need sincere advice especially from the married ones is it OK for your partner to have a lock on he’s or her fone and you can’t have access to it. Thanks and God bless


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