Please help! I cheated on my wife and she cheated back
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March 11, 2017

Please help! I cheated on my wife and she cheated back

From a male blog reader:

I cheated on my wife and confessed to her, she did not catch me. My conscience was killing me so I just had to open up, but instead of her to forgive me, she insisted on cheating too except she will file for a divorce. I pleaded but she insisted so I gave her the permission to cheat too. My wife actually cheated on me, and took pictures as evidence because when she told me she has cheated I felt it was just to upset me so I told her it was a lie, that she is too decent for that. Then she showed me pictures as evidence, when she was naked with the guy using his hands to cover her boobs. Tears ran down my eyes because I knew deep down in my heart that our marriage was over . I ignored her and walked away. I have not touched her since then and she has been begging me to feel her but her body irritates me now.i know you all will say I got what I deserved but for Christ sake it is a disgrace to womanhood. Should I divorce her ? Or just keep her hanging and frustrated ?


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