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January 6, 2017

Please help! How do I get him to propose?

Please help! How do I get him to propose?
From a female blog reader:

Hi admin bn a fan of ur page…pls help me post and hide my identity……How do u knw if a guy wants to settle down wit u? My boyfriend of almst 2yrs isnt showin any sign of proposin soon..and i want to get married ds year..hw cn i bring d marriage topìc to him without mkin it seem lyk am imposing. Mind u he cares. Dat am sure of. But m nt patient anymore bcos i recently met a guy in lag last yr and hes already talkin of marriage by june. I also hv feelings fr ds one too plus he cares too.. Now am cnfused if i shud wait on my 2yr bf or just marry ds one by june plus how do i tel my bf of 2yrs about settling down? pls guys advice. Thanks


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