“Please advice! His attitude is confusing, and sometimes annoying”

"Please advice! His attitude is confusing, and sometimes annoying"

From a female blog reader:

Hello please I want to be anonymous. …I have someone am dating but he is in US…I have met him once last year December….this year we started talking better and we agreed to date…but I have a problem with him…he wants me to change my status on Facebook to either in a relationship with him or keep it blank…and some times when we talk on phone… I get calls and he is pissed about it..he tells me block all those calls…I explain to him that I have nothing attached to any of those people calling ..I even cut their calls to continue with him…but he doesn’t believe me..if I miss his calls..it’s a problem..he doesn’t trust me at all….another thing is he tells me how he likes independent women and doesn’t want responsibility. ..my dear help me see o…he wants my attention 24hrs 7days..he doesn’t want me to be so busy and yet he wants an independent womam. …where am I suppose to feed from when he doesn’t want to spend on me…well though I haven’t asked him for anything but how can I? When he has spelt it out for me…..he also says he doesn’t like the fact I live alone and I have told him if he doesn’t like all this things about me…then go…he said he loves me and has told his parents about me…but he wants me to be the best for and change….please what am I changing….I have been asking myself this question and I want to put it out to you guys….am I being mean by telling him to go…or do I have anything to work on…please help!!!!!