“Pastor told me not to marry my boyfriend but I love him”

"Pastor told me not to marry my boyfriend but I love him"

From a female blog reader:

I will try to keep my story short. I happen to visit this prayer house some months back and the man of God called me out and told me that he can see a man standing in front of me in the spirit. I affirmed to that saying that I was seeing someone. He went on saying that he is not my God ordained husband and if I insist on marrying him, that things will be really difficult for me (eg. I would find it difficult giving birth). This has really kept me worried for a long time and I feel weak. The guy in question is really good and I don’t have any problem with him. We understand each other well but what this man of God said is weighing me down. I have prayed about the whole thing but I can’t get it off my chest. Please how do I stop thinking of all these and could it be that he actually saw the future?