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October 1, 2016

October 1 Independence Day: Ekweremadu calls for restructuring

October 1 Independence Day: Ekweremadu calls for restructuring

In his 2016 Independence Day message, deputy Senate president Ike Ekweremadu called for the political restructuring of Nigeria, noting that little or no progress is being made with the current disposition of the West African country.

Ekweremadu said:

“This 56th Independence anniversary calls for sober reflection. No people can make progress unless they retrace their steps back to where the rain started beating them.

“Nigeria, at formation, had a building plan, which was based on true federalism as covenanted by our founding fathers at various conferences leading up to Independence.

“For as long as we followed that plan, we prospered. But, once we discarded the building plan, dissembled the inherited structures and legacies and began to undermine the fabrics of equity, justice, balance, healthy competition and economic prosperity that was ingrained therein, we charted our route to the current perdition.”


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