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February 9, 2017

Nigerians warned over money-doubling Ponzi scheme, Twinkas

After the demise of MMM Nigeria, several other pyramid schemes have risen and fallen. Perhaps, the most viral of such programme right now is the one called Twinkas. It promises a 100% profit return under one week – much higher than MMM’s 30% profit in 21 days.
Nigerians warned over money-doubling Ponzi scheme, Twinkas

Is Twinkas scam or legit?

Twinkas is sure paying some people right now, and that’s why they are able to convince and refer their friends to the new programme. However, a little look at How Ponzi Schemes Work tells you that all ponzi sites are born to fail someday.

Nigerians warned over money-doubling Ponzi scheme, Twinkas

Regardless of how well it’s working for your friend or family member, dearies, don’t be cajoled into joining Ponzi scheme. Look at it this way: If you’ve joined and you’re getting paid now, it means that on your behalf, two other people (who will be assigned to pay you (and their downlines) are exposed to the risk of losing their money when Twinkas crashes. Don’t be that guy that is responsible for other people losing money or ultimately, the person who loses his/her own money when the Ponzi scheme crashes.

Do you know what binds MMM, Twinkas, GMAfunds, UltimateCycler? – They are all owned by scammers.

A word is enough for the wise, Africans.

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