Nigerians feel miracles are faked, and I know why- Pastor Chris Okafor
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February 25, 2017

Nigerians feel miracles are faked, and I know why- Pastor Chris Okafor

The General Overseer of the Liberation City Church, Chris Okafor has decried the unbelief in Nigerian Christians concerning miracles and wonders, saying he won’t blame them altogether.

According to him,Nigerian Christians have seen a lot of fakes and arranged miracles, so it would be difficult to believe even the genuine ones.

Says him:

“My heart grieves for Nigeria. I kind of know why people in this part of the world hardly believe in prophecies and miracles. Go to YouTube and see the number of fake prophets who are out there performing magic and deceiving people up and down. I use to show those videos to my pastors. And I know some of these people.

My heart grieves. It’s hard to see all that and still believe that anyone can be real, doing what we do. See, there’s an autobiographical documentary on me that will soon come out. I want the world to see it and know that I was born to do what I’m doing. I invite those who think we arrange people for miracles to visit our church. If I see you, the lord will use me to tell you what you’re going through, and not only that; the same God will use me to provide you with solution. That’s the difference between fake and real.

A real prophet will give you solutions and that solution will be permanent. That’s what God has been using me to do in our church and I dare anybody who’s in doubt to visit. My advise to Nigerians is to not throw away the baby with the bath water.

The fact that there are fakes doesn’t mean that God hasn’t chosen a few of us to do what we are doing. If you don’t understand it, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. I pray that God will help us all” The man of God who also blamed some of Nigerians’ hostile approach to miracles on lack of sound knowledge of the bible said “rather than get angry with peoples’ opinion about prophecies and miracles, I have chosen to just bear with people, focus on what I’m called to do and then leave the rest to God.

More than half the people in our church today were first of all skeptics, before they became believers in Miracles and prophecies. Let God lead.”

The man of God has reportedly held miracle crusades in over 100 locations across the world, the latest last year being the Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministries crusade held in Asaba, where a blind man received his sight.


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