“My wife is killing me anytime she hangs out with her male friends”

"My wife is killing me anytime she hangs out with her male friends"

From a male blog reader:

My wife tortures me emotionally. She loves the company of her single male friends and continues to make new male friends. They would visit her and her them, hang out today, chat and text etc. She makes me look stupid when I complain about what she does and says I don’t trust her and that I lack confidence is why I complain about such things. I just think it is extremely disrespectful to me that someone can be so insensitive to my feelings. We have been married for a year and she has been good for the most part but she is extremely sexual and loves the company of men but she had promised to stop all that when we get married but while some of it has reduced. It really hasn’t stopped much . I have tried everything in the world to make her see reasons why this behavior will ruin our marriage but she doesn’t seem to care and is just set in her own ways.
Now she is pregnant but my love of her is self-destructing by the minute. What should I do? My mentor says the child will make her focus more on her family. I have never caught her cheating but I can’t help to think she is just very good at covering her tracks.
Please am I wrong?