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May 6, 2017

My wife forces me to wash plates, man cries out

My wife forces me to wash plates, man cries outFrom a male blog reader:

Is it a man’s duty to wash plate?
Personally I think any man who agrees to washing plate is a house boy. My silly wife wants to turn me to a house boy,she asks a me to go wash plate before I eat,I taught she was joking,but she meant it and refuse to serve me food,I went into the kitchen myself to dish food and she poured it away. This her sudden attitude just started when we sacked our house help. This evening I got back from work and my wife told me that I will not have my bath until I wash plate,is this woman mad or mental? She pushed me and started breaking all the plates in the kitchen,and screaming,I will not wash plate in this house again,screaming loud and breaking all the plates in the sink. I just took my car keys and jejely drove to the closest bar to type this message . The only thing on my mind now is divorce. I need my peace and sanity . Do I have to wash plate to make my marriage work ?

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