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April 17, 2017

“My parents don’t give me chance to spend time with my boyfriend”

"My parents don't give me chance to spend time with my boyfriend"

From a female blog reader:

Please i really need advice cause i’m loosing my mind..i’m not living my life..i’m a graduate awaiting service but i’m doing other side hustle atm till its time for NYSC..i hv a bf..we have been dating for 2yrs and still going strong..we don’t live on the same town anymore..he moved and i had to go back to family house after school cause living with a boy thats not my husband is a big No for me..i help my mum out in her shop..but this woman controls my life..i need a way to break chain..i’m almost loosing my relationship because they wont let me travel even for 2 days to go see him..my bf is very understanding but i know it hurts him that i cant even visit for two days..please how do i get my parents to stop making me live their life for them..i dont even hv a life of my own..i dont have friends..even other toasters cant stay cause time to chill i hv to give one excuse or the other..please help me its depressing..i even got a good job and they still controlled my life nd i ended up not taking it…please help i’m loosing my mind


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