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January 7, 2017

My new boyfriend broke up with me because of this…

My new boyfriend broke up with me because of this...

From a female blog reader:

Top of the day.please keep me annoymous.My boyfriend broke up with me just when I started getting to understand him properly we started off as friends with benefits he said he wasn’t ready for any relationship.I too was flirting around because I wasn’t in anything serious(not an excuse tho).somehow he found out about a guy I did stuff with and he decided to get serious we got serious and I stopped that life.he says he has been trying to tune my mind from that life because he knew.Now he found out about all my escapades when I came out plain to him its hard knowing he was faithful to me..the issue now is he is finding it hard to let go forgive me..he knows I ‘ve turned a new leaf.but he is just finding it hard to let go.We talked in November and decided to start afresh even after he knows I made him look like the bad person to some people.We started afresh and it was beautiful I saw life and things differently this time no intention of cheating.I understood the real meaning of Love this time.I fell in love for the first time but I guess am too late.he started with needing a break Dec31 2016 then on 3rd of Jan he said we should break up so we don’t waste our time.I cried my eyes out. I somehow picked myself and haven’t talked to a soul about it since then Am just going through the pain alone.I just needed to Vent to someone.thank you


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