“My Manhood Is So Small And I’m Worried”

"My Manhood Is So Small And I'm Worried" 

Hello NGLatest readers, kindly help your fellow reader who is passing through emotional and psychological traumas due to the size of his man hood.

Here’s his story

l was just wondering is it possible for a joystick to grow after puberty. I mean im 19 now ,and going to be 20 in a few months, i have seen this mentioned somehwere before, but not sure is it possible for me to add at least a little but more length or girth maybe. or maybe you guys heard of cases when guys joysticks were still growing in their early 20′?

Maybe there is some thing i can take, or some kind of excersises that i can do to maybe help this process, not like joystick enlargement pills cuz i know those really dont work. let me just say im about 3″ hard right now, and let me tell you its killing me. sometimes when i think about this, i think maybe i should kill myself and end this now, im not really suicidal or mentally ill, im perfectly sane i just feel like i dont really have anything to live for, i mean no matter how successfull i might be in life or how much i will achieve, i will always have a small joystick, and will never be able to really satisfy a girl, crap is just fuck up and i dont know what to do. if there is really nothing i can do about my joystick maybe i will just shoot myself, am in my final year now and i dont know if all these years of study really worth it. right now im hoping to find something that will help me with my size. anyway i think i wrote too much, really looking forward to see what you people think.I have masturbated severally, am scared of going down with any lady
because am ashamed. I don’t really know if theres difference between
masturbating and having sex.

Updated: The reader said the manhood is between 3 to 3.5 inches long when erect. Drop your advice as he is reading this thread and seeing your comments.