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March 13, 2017

My little son said a man comes to our house & “beats” his mother daily – Confused man

My little son said a man comes to our house & "beats" his mother daily - Confused man

From a male blog reader:

My son of 7years just came to me this morning to complain to me how one man use to come to our house everyday to beat up his mum and she is always crying. I jumped up from the chair and reduce the volume of the music I was playing to know that idiot that put his hand in my wife. So I asked him when, he said, daddy, he always climb on top of her and she will be shouting for help. My heart began to beat very fast, but I refused to believe what my mind was telling me. So I asked him, are they always naked and he said yes,mummy will be crying but she does not want me to help her. I asked again, is it just one man that use to come and beat her ? And he said yes daddy and I hate the man so much .i did not know what to tell him but I was just crying in my soul. I told him not to worry I will fight the man. Please so many things in my head right now, if I want to act I might hurt my wife. Please I decided to go to church but could not concentrate. Do I ignore my son and assume it is just children talk, or should I take action ? Am just looking at my wife as I type, she looks so innocent as she is shouting amen in church , I just wish I could kill her and bury her alive . Help me before I do something foolish .


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