My husband wants to control my earnings – woman laments

My husband wants to control my earnings - woman laments

From a female blog reader:

Help me out with this .
I just got married 2 months ago and it was a success. The few months have be very peaceful and loving I must say just that my financial pocket is licking because my husband makes me contribute 50 50 to everything we are doing including our wedding . I did not complain so long as it makes him happy and I support him. But the suggestion he brought yesterday was very very uncomfortable for me.
He said instead of me contributing, I should just be giving him my salary instead of the normal contribution so that he can add both his own salary and take care of us. I told him I was not comfortable with it because I can’t be asking him for my personal needs like a child , but he said he will provide everything for me even before I ask. I told him I will sleep over it but am not comfortable at all. Yes he is my husband and we are suppose to be one but this is not normal to me. I told him this morning that I will prefer the normal contribution but ever since he has been giving me attitude and refuse to eat or talk to me . He has been busy with his phone and just carrying face for me claiming I don’t trust him. So I decided to share with Bom family . I need your suggestions . Ladies in the house help a sister please.