My husband urinates in my mouth during love-making
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January 17, 2017

My husband urinates in my mouth during love-making

From a female blog reader:

I was really horny that day after so many months of not seeing my husband cause I went on outside duty, I rushed took my bath and rushed into the bed naked,he joined me and we started the 4play, I was about to cum when he whispered to my ears begging me to go and urinate, but because I was into it I asked him to urinate inside my mouth,he refused but I insisted and put my mouth in his penis for him to urinate which he did reluctantly cause the expression in his face said it all. That was how I drank my husbands urine.
But it became a habit for him,he must urinate inside my mouth each time we are making out, and I got tired of drinking urine and spoke to him about it but he told me that he will not cum or enjoy sex except he urinate inside my mouth. What have I done to myself? Many people do not understand that adventure is not what you practice every day of your life, it is a once in a while thing. What got me mad was yesterday during love making he wanted to urinate in my mouth but I refused, so he just penetrated my pussy with force and urinated inside of me, it was when he withdrew and I saw water dropping that I realized. Please how do I handle this ? Because the next time I will push him and make sure he breaks his head and waist. What rubbish disrespect.


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