October 1, 2016

“My husband starves me of sex, flirts with girls”

"My husband starves me of sex, flirts with girls"

From a female blog reader:

Pls admin post my story and hide my identity, I am a lover of ur page.u guys r doing a great job.i have been married for 3years now but whenever I and my husband have any misunderstanding he starves me of sex,then he would be chatting with other girls I was lucky to get pregnant with our 1st daughter. It’s either he is tired when he gets back from work or he isn’t just in the mood but he chats nonstop with girls..he even bad mouths me to them saying am just his baby mama and he doesn’t love me againi have begged,called family and done everything I can but he will even b forming super man pls I need advice if I should just ignore him and get someone to fuck the hell out of me I need serious sex.pls no insults pls. Am going through hell I don’t want to b depressed…pls help me


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