“My husband dumped me but his new lover put him in cell”

"My husband dumped me but his new lover put him in cell"
From a female blog reader:

My husband started cheating on me with one of his rich client in the bank that use to give him big money to open account,the woman succeeded in using her connection to give my husband double promotion in the bank, I don’t know what happened my husband just woke up one day and told me that he is quitting his job to go do business with this woman.

I could not even have a night with my own husband,once it is 2am she will call him and he will dress up and leave the house.

This continued until my husband finally abandoned me and my 2 kids for 4 months, we did not hear a word from him. Our house rent expired and the landlord kicked us out. I had to go to my mothers house to stay with her. Bom I suffered , jumped from job to job, and finally I was able to open a business for myself, this was after 1 year and 4 months of my husband disappearance with that woman.

I was hearing stories of how my hubby was gallivanting with the woman and seeing pictures on face book. Not until 2 weeks ago I got a call from my husbands friend, telling my that my husband wants to see me, he has been in jail for months ,locked up by that same woman for defrauding her of 42 million Naira.

He was begging on my husbands behalf that I come and see him and at least help him get out of jail . Please I can’t think. Should I go see him in jail ? Or just abandon him the way he did to I and my kids? The question is, how do I start what I don’t even know about? Or should I just divorce him and move on with my life?

Life is so unfair why will it always be the wives that carry the punishment of their husbands ? Am so bitter , please I need words.