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October 22, 2016

“My girlfriend saw her nudes on my phone and broke up”

"My girlfriend saw her nudes on my phone and broke up"

From a male blog reader:

Pls hide my identity. Am 32 and my gf is 25. I love my gf so much, but recently after she spent weekend at my place, i playfully took some of her naked pictures and videos not knowing she was not aware I took the picture. I dropped my phone for her to play game and she saw the pictures in my gallery, she felt betrayed. I love her so much and want to marry her. The issue now is that she wants to end the relationship saying she can never trust me again. She has stopped answering my calls. Pls Somtoo blog family advice me on what to do to make her trust me again and forgive me. I really love her and want to marry her


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