“My girlfriend mocks me because I’m broke”

"My girlfriend mocks me because I'm broke"

From a male blog reader:

Hi Somtoo blog,please keep me anonymous, I met my girlfriend last year and I truly love her with the whole of my heart,I told her everything about me how I lost my dad who was the sole breadwinner of the family,how I manage to work and complete my university degree, now the problem is I have to leave where I was managing because of nysc which is really nt easy, am so transparent with her to the extent that she knows everything am going thu ,now am really trying to get a job which we all know that is not easy with the present situation in this country,now the pressure is too much, technically mocking me on how broke I am, how I can’t take her out, how her friends bf take dem out and she ashamed of me because of all this, I know if I have money I will take care of her because its my responsibility but truly don’t have and she knows all this, her parents are financially OK and her mom also judge me just because of my looks and because I don’t have a job yet (am actually not ugly ) saying maybe am a fuck boy,I start a business development services, where I find target market for new/existing businesses ,advertise and help to build customer data base for clients but because am new in Lagos and also a new business am still looking for my first clients so please don’t think am lazy, she’s has really been supporting me one way or the other and I really appreciate her and I truly love her but the pressure is getting too much that I think of doing some stupid things but I can’t because that’s Not who I am, pls guys what shd i do the pressure and the insult is getting too much and I don’t want to break up with her because I truly love her please advise me.