My girlfriend is a very hungry girl, man laments
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February 12, 2017

My girlfriend is a very hungry girl, man laments

From a male blog reader:

The day I met my girlfriend,she came to see someone who disappointed her in a fast food. I had ordered my food,because the tables were all occupied I just sat on the empty sit I saw,which I asked her before I sat if she was waiting for anybody and she said I can sit down. I noticed she was just looking at me as I swallowed my rice and chicken while she was taking nothing,so I decided to ask her to take a drink on me which she agreed,after the drink I bought her food and we chatted and chatted but I noticed that nobody was even calling her not to talk of coming . So after our meal I decided to drop her since she said the person she was expecting did not show up. I dropped her off and kissed her,I noticed she responded so I just fingred her to check if she was neat. We kissed good bye and that was how we started talking and after few weeks dating.I don’t want to judge her with the first impression but most of my friends use to call me to tell me that they use to see my girl in different fast food joint sitting alone and later sitting with a man . Asaba is a very small town so my friends are almost every where because of the kind of job I do. So I asked my friend to test her,she does not know him and has never met him,so he found her sitting alone in bar and joined her,my girlfriend claimed That her boyfriend abandoned her and ran away. Please I don’t get,is she a runs girl or just being stupid ? I don’t get why she sits alone and lie that she was abandoned. Can someone explain to me .


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