“My ex-boyfriend is a heartless person”

"My ex-boyfriend is a heartless person"

From a female blog reader:

I have been dating my ex for 3 years and some months now…it was very rosy and sweet the first few months until we took it to the next level (introduced me to his parents, friends and relations as his wife to be).
When this happened we started having some issues based on our different life/family lifestyle. He’s a very quiet person and will overlook things you do wrong while me on the other hand is a very hot tempered person, if you offend me I tell you immediately to get things out of my mind but I noticed that I couldn’t calm down so easily and got even mad at very little things…fast forwarding to this year, he met another girl which he found solace in, tells her every little argument we have and I wasn’t comfortable about it.
I confronted him and he said they were just friends and i wasnt comfortable with it cos the girl has history of forcing herself on guys with money i also told his mom about it which she said she will talk to him.
He started acting up towards me, no calls as frequent as the rosy days, when I want to come to the house he gives excuses until he finally packed my stuffs for me to leave the house.
He told me he’s not interested anymore cos of my temper and as at then he was already dating this girl in question…I couldn’t believe it cos he claim to love me no matter.
Fast forwarding to this week, I tried calling him as usual to check on him since I thought he needed space from the hurt, he didn’t pick up after several trials, the girl picked up asking me what my problem was and his mom at the background of the phone call insulting my mom and myself. I was shocked to my bone cos she was in his parents house living there, mean while his mom promised to talk to him. This is the same boy when we were in school shared my money with, had few friends not to make him jealous, avoided social activities to be with him even had a big fight with my sister just to please him, he watched her picked the phone and insulted me all he said was carmer is a bitch. If he had said I’m breaking up with you cos I have some one else is a different story not the other way. Some guys walk around without a heart!