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May 19, 2017

My boyfriend’s sidechic gave me a dirty slap, wants to beat me up – Girl

My boyfriend's sidechic gave me a dirty slap, wants to beat me up - GirlFrom a female blog reader:

Advise me
My boyfriend is sleeping with his receptionist , so after I saw her 24 missed called on his phone, I decided to pick her number to call her and see her. I was so surprise to see she was the one, the girl I dash money to each time I go to see my man . I warned her to leave my boyfriend alone but do you all know that this girl had the guts to tell me to my face in her words ( anuty pls allow uncle ken to choose between the both of us ) out of anger I slapped her and this girl gave it back to me, her own slap pull out my ear ring from ear, so I just respected myself and walked out before she kill me. I told my boyfriend about it and he did nothing, the only thing he said was I should take paracetamol . Do you all see us going to the altar ? I need to know if I am fooling myself . I was only fighting for love .

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