“My boyfriend is lying to me. I need urgent advice”

"My boyfriend is lying to me. I need urgent advice"

From a female blog reader:

Pls keep my name hidden, I hv been dating my boyfriend for 3 yrs now, last year we broke up along the line he got another girlfriend, I noticed cos he uploads her pic on his dp. That same last year he came bk I accepted him I asked him about the girl he said she is gone for good that it wasn’t that serious! Last two weeks I noticed him calling this girl again I wanted to know if they re still dating I called the girl with another phone asking the girl if she knows my boyfriend she said yes and they re dating, she sent me text messages where my boyfriend told her he will never have anything to do with me again I sent the message to my boyfriend call he could say was why did I call her and that bla bla bla now family should I fight for the one I love or I should walk away cos since this happened I blocked him from call and whatsapp and he has not bordered to call me with another line!