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January 6, 2017

My boyfriend is a very nice person but I don't really love him

 My boyfriend is a very nice person but I don't really love him
From a female blog reader:

Am a 23years of student in my final year..i started dating my boyfriend in my 1st year..although av known him b4 i got into sch. He was in his 3rd year then, infact he’s part of the reason i choosed the sch am in.
The truth is i know for sure that this guy loves me..he’s the nicest person av ever met! He cares for me like any good guy would..My problem is that i got carried away by his love care and attention..and it made me think that i could reall love him too (afterall they say it’s better for your man to love you more than you love him)..But in the real sense I’m not attracted to this guy!
It’s 4years now..av always thought i would some day love him cause of his kind of person..plss i need help,i need advice..i would soon graduate..his parents know me and he’s really planning that am gonna be his wife..i don’t wanna marry him out of pity or because he loves me..i wanna feel somthing too..how do i go about ending d relationship without hurting him..plss i need help.This is crazy yeah i know and all the insults are allowed!


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