“My boyfriend admitted that his heart belongs somewhere else”

"My boyfriend admitted that his heart belongs somewhere else"

From a female blog reader:

Good morning. Nice work u guys r doing. My story goes like this. I have bin dating my boyfriend for some time now we have a wonderful relationship. We tavelled for a wedding. During d reception he left his phones with me to go usher in d couple because he was among d grooms men. I picked d phone to go through some of d pics we took together after dat decided to slide into his bbm. I was checked to see a girl’s pic he sent to his friend. Let me use his exact words… this is where my heart is and the friend was like pls stop dat talk I prefer ur gf he den said der is no drive between us. I was shocked.. I searched for the girl in question on ig and found out it was a girl he knew before he meet me and all but he told me that it didn’t work out between dem. I decided not to confront him. Wen we got back to d room we lodged, I sat him down and asked him politely if der is something he wants to talk to me abt or der is an issue bothering him, he said no. Wen we got back to base, I couldn’t hold it anymore cos I was broken I had to ask him who is d girl. He said it’s a feeling he has bin fighting for long dat he loves me but his piece of his heart still want her. He begged me to help him go through dis phase. D truth is dat part of me died wen I saw d chat on his phone and I knw wat it means for someone heart to be somewhere. I told him I’m going to give him time to decide wat he wants cos I can’t deal. He is begging I should not leave him. I really don’t knw wat to do now. Pls I need ur help cos I don’t want to act due to pain. I will be reading comments. Tnx.