Many celebs are broke but display fake rich lifestyle on social media – Ada Mbano

Many celebs are broke but display fake rich lifestyle on social media - Ada Mbano

Reserved Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye who attained massive popularity after her role in “Ada Mbano” Nollywood movie as the lead character, “Ada Mbano,” criticized some of her industry colleagues who according to her, choose to live extravagant lifestyles while broke in real life.

Speaking during a recent interview with BroadwayAfrica TV,  Queen Nwokoye, aged 35, explained:

“What brought me and what has kept me is my passion for the job. Money is good, the attention is good but I stayed because of the passion I have for it. It is a bit frustrating when you are doing something and it is like you are not being appreciated for it or recognized for it but the passion surpassed it, so I stayed. The rest is history.

“Some people think we get paid 10 million for acting so a lot of times, actors want to live up to false expectations from their fans and that is how they get into trouble.

“As far as I am concerned, if you are paid in Nigeria and you want a Gucci bag and you convert your Naira to dollars to go and buy it because Kim Kardashian is carrying it, it doesn’t make sense because she earns dollars

“So for me it is not about being extravagant everybody loves the good things of life but you have to draw a balance. It is about not truly making that huge amount that actors and actresses make.” She said.

“We enjoy the stardom and attention but sometimes you just want to walk past unnoticed and just be yourself but I wouldn’t give this (acting) up for anything in the world. I love it and appreciate it.”