Man allegedly impregnates own daughter in Ogun State

Man allegedly impregnates own daughter in Ogun State

40-year-old Victor Emafolomi has been arrested for raping and impregnating his own teenage daughter in Ogun State. The man, wife, daughter (victim) lived together at Olukososi Street, Jafa, Agbado, in Ifo LGA of Ogun State where the incidents took place.

According to police investigation, Victor slept with the victim two times in October and warned another boy who made advances to his daughter to stay away.

The victim narrated:

“That afternoon, he was drunk. He beat me up when I resisted. I explained to him that he was like a father to me, but he didn’t listen.  He used a pillow to cover my mouth and raped me. He said he would kill me if I told my mother about the rape.

“Two days after, he had sex with me again. That evening, he beat me up because I insisted that I would tell my mother when she came back from work.

“He went out and came back with two men after about 30 minutes. The men stared at me and left. He said they would be monitoring my movement and that if I reveal what he did to me, they would kill me.”

Meanwhile, Victor claims that he is not responsible for the pregnancy.

His words:

“I am a driver. I left home because my wife is stubborn; she doesn’t take corrections. I left home to punish her so that she would change for better.

“I never had sex with her daughter and I didn’t know anything about the pregnancy. I don’t want it aborted. When she is delivered of the baby, we will carry out a DNA test on the baby.”