Kim Kardshian reportedly sues website for suggesting her Paris robbery was fake
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October 12, 2016

Kim Kardshian reportedly sues website for suggesting her Paris robbery was fake

A week after she lost $11m in jewelries when armed men disguised as police officers stormed her hotel in French capital Paris, Kim Kardashian is suing a website (not Somtoo Okoye blog, hehe) for running a story that suggests she faked the attack.

According to a source,

Kim Kardashian has filed a federal lawsuit against a media outlet after it published stories claiming she lied about the Paris jewelry heist.

The 35-year-old reality star enlisted her lawyers to take action after, she claimed, posted three articles about her faking the robbery and committing insurance fraud.

In the complaint seen by, Kim’s team accuses the site of ‘blatant defamatory lies’ and labeling the star ‘without any factual support’ a ‘liar and a thief’.

The lawsuit details stories published by over the last week, including one claiming that Kim ‘staged’ the robbery and accuses the website of using ‘people off social media as its sources’.

The complaint states that the only people who could possibly know what happened that night are Kim herself, the concierge ‘who was also assaulted’ and the ‘assailants themselves’.

In another article the site reportedly posted, they claimed that ‘French authorities’ suspected that Kim had actually ‘let the robbers in’ to her apartment.

Kim’s lawyers say the website has no credible sources to back-up the ‘false and outrageous’ claim.


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