It's complicated. The girl I'm dating has my sextape and wants to..
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January 13, 2017

It's complicated. The girl I'm dating has my sextape and wants to..

From a female blog reader:

I have been wit my gf for a year and six months,she has been d best i hv eva all started wen I finished smoking my SK, so I called my girl dat we shd do somfin crazy,I told her we should hv a threesome,at first she ended the call and later called back in d evening dat she told her frnd who she was wit then and she agreed to it and dat dey wud cum d next day cos she was busy..they came we started,I was into my bae frnd more dan I was to her,she got rilly angry then I didn’t notice though cox I was enjoying myself jahre.she snapped me and her frnd making luv which we deleted,I neva knew she also video us..
Though eva since dat day me and her frnd have knacking but she doesn’t no of it..dia was a day I was chatting wit my gf and she sent me d video of and her frnd fucking,I was so shocked…can u imagine she threatened to show d video to her frnd fiance cos her frnd was getting married by April.i pleaded wit her but she stood on her ground,I managed to get hold of her which I sharply deleted d video.I was forming sharp guy but I didn’t know she also stored d video elsewhere, I begged like mad but she wudnt listen her reason was I didn’t fuck her much at all dat I focused on her frnd more and also she has been talking 2her anyhow ever since that day..
I threatened her dat if she mistakenly send dat video I wud break up wit her, she formed deaf ear..I’m rilly confuse plzz help me out,I’m having pity on dat girl cox dix wud ruin her wedding plans..I don’t know wat to do and my gf is not even in her house and she’s not picking my calls,its eating me up..plzz help


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