February 24, 2017

Indian cannibal surrenders to police

 Police have arrested a grown man, Nazim, who was reportedly feasting on the flesh of a little boy.

Nazim Miyam, who is in his mid-twenties, reportedly lured the seven year old boy, Mohammed Monis, while he was outside playing with his friends and when he had the boy inside alone with him, he beheaded him, cut his limbs and neck, ripped his stomach out, tore his flesh and proceeded to feast on him.

When police officers arrived the scene, they found Nazim sitting beside the dismembered body of his victim, and he gave himself up without struggling.
  Angry residents intent on meting out jungle justice missed the show by minutes, but he has since been charged for murder and abduction.
Indian cannibal surrenders to police

Indian cannibal surrenders to police


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