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December 21, 2016

I'm not stepping down, Defeated Gambian president Yahya Jammeh says

I'm not stepping down, Defeated Gambian president Yahya Jammeh says

Opposition leader Adama Barrow defeated incumbent president Yahya Jammeh in the Gambian presidential elections on December 1.

President Jammeh initially conceded defeat but went back days later to announce that the election was unacceptable and therefore will not step down.

Several world leaders have tried to convince Jammeh to step down including President Muhammadu Buhari who led a delegation of ECOWASS heads of states to the West African country to urge Jammeh to hand over last week.

Jammeh, who has been ruling Gambia for 22 years, in a recent statement, insisted that he wouldn’t bulge on his previous decision.

According to him,

“I am not a coward. My right cannot be intimidated and violated. This is my position. Nobody can deprive me of that victory except the Almighty Allah.

“Already the ECOWAS meeting was a formality. Before they came, they had already said Jammeh must step down. I will not step down.

“I will not be intimidated by any power in this world. I want to make sure justice is done.

“I’m a man of peace, but I cannot also be a coward. I am a man of peace but that does not also mean that I will not defend myself and defend my country and defend my country courageously, patriotically and win.” 


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