I'm confused with my lovelife, 20-year-old lady laments
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December 12, 2016

I'm confused with my lovelife, 20-year-old lady laments

From a female blog reader:

I started dating my bf close to 2yrs now(I just got into the uni) , everything was fine till he started been over protective. He never allows me out with my friends (even my sisters & best friends birthday) (I school in Unilag, so u can imagine lots of outings), during the weekends I’m mostly with him cos I hardly go home , i was getting frustrated but i deeply love him , I call his attention to his behaviours but he feels since he’s the man in the relationship .When I wanted to start my business & told him about it , he declined & he beat me on it. I broke up with him cos of all his attitudes & I started dating another person , He went to meet my brother & apologized for everything he’s done & all . I accepted to date him back , meanwhile I’ve tasted freedom , my new boyfriend was down to earth , free , cool , I can have fun with friends & all my friends now like the new boyfriend . Apparently I had to break up with my new boyfriend to go back to the first one cos i respect my brother a lot , unfortunately I was already pregnant for the new boyfriend at that moment, which I tried aborting with the help of the new boyfriend but I still had particles in me , my main boyfriend found out about this cos he hacks my phone chats , uber & every other thing. My boyfriend was there all while I was in pains & trying, going from one hospitals to the other , he got my back like he was the one that did it. All cleared now but Im still not fine with been with him , his over protectiveness is on 100% , I can’t go out with friends , he hacks my phone & movement , recently I went to see a friend & I didn’t tell him , I didn’t order uber with my phone , he found out & came to my house & was like after all things he’d done for me , me getting pregnant & accepted me back & I still go out blah blah (I’m just 20yrs) if I dont go out now , when can I ? , meanwhile the other guy I cheated on him with has been apologizing , claiming hes sorry for been non challant & everything … I’ve called my bf several time to talk about our different preferences but he won’t just understand , I love him & he loves me too but rn I’m in love with the other guy too , help me


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