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November 30, 2016

I took him for granted and he did this…

I took him for granted and he did this...

From a female blog reader:

I’d like to be anonymous. Please help me out, pls post ASAP. I’m 20 and my boyfriend is 28. Before he came into my life, I had been celibate for about 7months. Didn’t date anyone too. We both work in the same hospital. Its been normal casual pleasantries, though we exchanged numbers a very long time ago. But somehow he reached out to me and we because so close. Spent long hours together after our shifts. It was like magic,the connection. Soon we got so attached to each other. Everyone knew we were close friends. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend but he said he has one already who he’s been dating for 2years and that it was a shaky distance relationship. I accepted cos I fell for him already and I never regretted my decision. He was the best boyfriend ever. He really imparted my life positively, helped me with my anger issues and addictions. Showered me with gifts and money. Bought me a new phone, gave me so much time, love and attention. I was so happy with him. Many times he told me how much he loved me and how he wishes we started the relationship way back. Like before he met his other girl. He flaunts me everywhere and to anyone . His family and friends in town. But I kept on nagging about the other girl, was always jealous. Couldn’t bear the thought of someone else in his life. I didn’t want to share him anymore. So one day, we went out and on our way back I started another argument and faked a breakup. I called him names and walked out on him. And that was it. . Contrary to my expectations, he didn’t call me back or called me on the phone. When I got home , I called him to apologize cos my head had cleared but he was so cold over the phone. He said he was tired of my nagging n the relationship. That since I wanted out, it should remain that way. He said he was so pained especially after asking me to give him time to breakup with the other girl. After much pleading, he finally agree to continue the relationship but things were not as before. He seemed so far away. I felt like I was alone in the relationship. Calls reduce, no more pet names. In the midst of all these he had to travel home for his granny’s burial.
Its been a week and two days , he’s called me just once and hardly picks my calls. He was supposed to return back to town yesterday but I don’t know if he still came or not cos he’s not answering his phone. Please I need honest advice from you guys.
Tell me what you think about the whole situation and what you think should be my next step. I’ll be reading comments, thanks .


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