I told him I need more time but he’s acting up
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January 28, 2017

I told him I need more time but he’s acting up

From a female blog reader:

I want to remain anonymous,,,,I met this guy…he is a doc at the teaching hospital were I school….he is comfortable…. At first when we got talking I was just seeing fuck boy written all over his face…he is cute too…. I made up my my I was not going to fall for him so I kept it strictly on friendship level….my house to his place is just a 10 mins walk….I was always visiting his house cos of constant light nd food..we became really close so we had sex… After the sex I was still not going to get all soft for him…I was protecting my self from being vulnerable….funny enough he started being all soft for me…I was even keeping away from him…all I wanted from this guy was friendship…. He kept disturbing me till I finally agreed to date him…not bcos I loved him but bcos he is really nice…caring and treated like a queen…I still did not go soft for him…but I cook…wash…clean…generally I care nd respect him….my mum nd every body. Around me know we are together… Now my issue is he hacked my phone..my social media plat forms and calls…he brought up something that I should publicize our relationship or breakup with him…I told him I don’t love him yet that he should give me time but he has been crying that he can’t continue if I don’t love him….note: I try all my best to care for him…what should I do..I don’t want to loose him…I need time


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