“I think I ruined my relationship with her”

"I think I ruined my relationship with her"

From a male blog reader:

I might have just made the biggest mistake. I’ve been really close friends with this girl from childhood. I’m 27 and she’s 24. We practically grew up together as our parents are tight friends. We went to school together in Nig and moved to the Canada for university. She got engaged last year and everyone was happy for her and stuff. They broke off their engagement 2 weeks ago cos she came home unexpectedly and caught him in bed with this girl he always claimed was his cousin. She has been devastated since so I started spending time with her so cheer her up. I’ll drop by everyday from work and bring her food and sometimes spend the night. It hurt to see her that sad. I spent this weekend at her place just to keep her company. We went out for some drinks and when we got back home she just started kissing me. We weren’t drunk so I know it wasn’t alcohol. I made her stop but she kept on touching me and I got turned on. I know I should have walked away or something. Well we ended up having sex. I noticed she didn’t really know how to do it but I don’t pay it any attention. Woke up this morning and she wasn’t home and she wasn’t picking my calls. There was some blood on the sheets. I think I’ve just ruined years of friendship and taken her virginity as well. Mehn I need to talk to someone ASAP.