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January 9, 2017

"I started developing feelings for my 'friend with benefits' lover"

"I started developing feelings for my 'friend with benefits' lover"
From a female blog reader:

I met this guy during the last quarter of the year at a friend’s bday party, and one way or the other we became close and started having sex with each other.At this time I knew he had a much younger girlfriend and I made him believe I had a boyfriend myself(which I don’t) basically, it was suppose to be fun with him but with time I’ve grown to like him naturally, and this is so new to me cause I havnt even received a biro gift from him so I can proudly say I really do like him, not so sure about love(m always indecisive about that). My challenge now is that should I tell him I am currently only with him? Because he is still with this other girl, I fear he likes her more and I can’t put him on the spot to choose between us. He says he loves me and how little things I do gets to him always, but I also feel he is in love with this other girl, and yet he is absolutely jealous of me and can’t believe I am with him alone. What do I do? Do I tell him the truth and stop being the other girl? Do I really want to know what decision he will take? This is a new year I can’t keep doing this (all my right sense organs keeps alarming me) please advice me. Thanks.


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