I slept with 5 guys and got pregnant. Now this terrible thing happened
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January 28, 2017

I slept with 5 guys and got pregnant. Now this terrible thing happened

From a female blog reader:

I need urgent advise .
I have been dating a lot of men after my boyfriend traveled out of the country. Many times I sleep with them without protection because I was practically dating all of them, many times I will lie am pregnant just to extract money from them for abortion. I kept playing my silly game until my boyfriend came back. We made love and I was still making love with 4 different men without protection. I could not stop because I have already started it and had no good excuse to deny them my body. I finally took in for real and told my boyfriend, he asked me to keep it which I did,and avoided every other guy in my life. When I finally gave birth,and 4 of them heard about it ,they all came to claim the baby, saying that I was pregnant when I left them and claimed I went for an abortion . Now my life is in shamble, they all want a paternity test which am really scared . My boyfriend is not yet in town and we are suppose to be getting married in 3 months time . I need the sharp girls in the house to help me with ideas. Don’t judge me the deed has been done pls. All I need is solution . I can’t confess to my boyfriend that is not an option . I need a way to play around it. Thanks to all that will help me .


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