I no longer love my boyfriend like before, girl laments
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December 18, 2016

I no longer love my boyfriend like before, girl laments

From a female blog reader:

My boyfriend is 10 yes older than I am. We met at a party through a friend and we just fell in love. It was actually too good to be true considering the number of guys who had disappointed and made me feel so low of myself. I’m a dark skinned lady and really attractive.
To cut the story short, we’ve been dating since last year October. The first issue is that He is Igbo while I’m a proper Yoruba girl and his mum’s reaction to him dating a Yoruba girl is not so cool. He came to my house around July and despite objection from my mum’s side, she liked him immediately. They even talk sometimes. We are so crazily in love with each other and me being a student, most of my friends are so jealous that I have such a super cool boyfriend.
But recently, we barely go out and have fun, I no longer feel the connection when we make love. I feel withdrawn from the relationship and I feel so bored. We don’t even talk deeply anymore. I know you will think I’m seeing someone else but I am not. He has been the only one in my life. Due to the nature of his job which involves a whole lot of travelling, I sometimes feel happy when he says he will be out of town cos I feel I will have my own space…. A thing m not used to bcos if he says he will be out of town, m always sad.
I feel I won’t be able to say Yes to this guy if he proposes in the next two of three years because we also have some differences, He is catholic and I am a protestant member and I don’t see myself bending to that Faith cos I cannot deal with it. We share different belief. And he has said that he will never allow his kids go to a protestant church if we ever get married.
Another issue is that his childhood love, now an ex who is certainly rich and doing well for herself wants him back and would do anything to get me out of the way. I have addressed this issue before and he has assured me severally that She doesn’t matter but I still don’t feel at peace.
Please everyone, advice me on what to do because I love this guy and I know he loves me too, but we have too much differences and I don’t want to loose him even tho I feel things would go awry at the end of the day.


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