“I love him too much I can’t let go”
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December 21, 2016

“I love him too much I can’t let go”

"I love him too much I can't let go"

From a female blog reader:

Hi, am so glad to be on this platform though a silent follower. In my early 20s and my relationship is almost 3yrs…My bf now find fault in my past as I was been honest in saying everything that happened “the people I dated,the sexlife and all , I noticed he changed drastically and I asked….only for him to tell me that he finds it so difficult to talk 2 me that he jst needed some time to think about it…Here is my problem,I told him my past and he is using it against me…I can keep apologizing for the rest of my life jst 4 him to forgive me buh whenever i call,he jst talk casually -no affection and it pains 2 the bone.I want to leave this relationship buh I find it so hard to leave cos I sincerely love him deeply but whenever I think about it,I don’t want a relationship or marriage whereas my bf will keep reminding me of my past.I want to leave this relationship buh I find it so hard to leave,my frnd told me I shld let him go with 2016 and start afresh by 2017… Family what can I do to reduce the love I have for him or leave him finally that I will never have 2 look back..have tried it before buh I landed in a hospital with swollen eyes…..help a sister ***lesson learnt *** No matter how much u deeply love a guy,never tell him all of your past bcos he may use it against u now or later


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