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November 25, 2016

“I love him but the beating he is unbearable”

"I love him but the beating he is unbearable"

From a female blog reader:

Good day ma/sir, my name is Olaleye Christianah the only child of my parent we were two but the boy died years back. I had this boyfriend when I was in the university and along d line I gave birth to a baby boy for him although, before then we do have issues I do my best to settle amicably. He had this girl he fell in love with after he became the SUG President whc was by God n me mind you i do most of d spending in the relationship not caring about myself not until he started beating me and flirting. while I was pregnant and at the point of death in d hospital only to return back to school n see that he has been harboring a gal in his room while I was chased to sleep else where and so many other girls like that. We had to go for service 2015/2016 fortunately he was in stream 2 and I was in stream 1 as well as his elder brother. I met another guy n we started dating just for the brother to realise n tell his brother he didn’t even ask or scold me once he told his brother straight up he came down to my PPA n beat the hell out of me, I had to beg went down to his PPA to apologize and then he gave me house arrest beat me to the stage of vomiting blood we settled. Immediately after my POP 6th of Oct I got home 7th and travelled 8th to his parents for our childs birthday. I realise he was still communicating with one of his gf knowing again that she shared the same birth date with my son, I asked when he was going to quit her, he said he has but I knew he hasn’t then he told me that automatically means am still dating d new guy he insulted me n den I spoke in pidgin ‘see as e be’ he gave me another beating leaving me with scars nd swollen body I wanted to leave but his parent refused me that I can’t go to Lagos looking like that. I had an important issue to I had to go home his parent told me not to tell my parent what happened but I did and told him am no longer interested, he kept begging came over to my place to beg my parent passionately that he is the temper type. I love him but the beating his unbearable


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