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December 29, 2016

I just dumped my girlfriend but I want her back because of this…

I just dumped my girlfriend but I want her back because of this...

From a female blog reader:

My gf and I recently broke up, I just couldn’t put up with her BS anymore, she has apologized over and over,I forgave her, and still she behaves like I don’t matter to her. Now that I’v broken up with her I don’t seem to get myself anymore, Because of my addition, Yes! I’m a ‘cunnilingus-holic’.
I have been eating P*ssy since age 16, anywhere, anytime i always want to eat it. And when myself and my ex gf were together, it was my breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. We would lock ourselves indoors for hours and not even answer anybody if they were knocking at the door just cuz I was eating my meal, which she loved as well. I really can’t explain why, but I just seem to love the taste, the smell, the wetness to the extent that I even start to salivate anytime I remember her. We had sex multiple times, but i enjoy the tongue-action more. I really don’t want her back, but my lustful senses won’t let me be. This cravings has eaten me so deep that anytime I see a cute lady all I think is getting my tongue at work. Pls help me, should I just go back to my Ex girlfriend? Or probably go for a deliverance, probably these cravings are a bad thing. I can’t seem to think straight anymore, cuz all I see now is just a counchie.
And I’m even scared to enter a new relationship, what if the new girl I’m with doesn’t like the freaky side of me, what If she doesn’t even like getting head. Pls help me.


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