I have this weird attraction for saggy breasts – man

I have this weird attraction for saggy breasts - man

From a female blog reader:

Am a man who likes sagged breast,I love it really fallen and it turns me on very much. My problem is that I keep meeting the posh girls that have done lots of enhancing and I hate that standing boobs like crazy but don’t know how to tell the ladies in my life that it turns me off. I have had to break a lot of hearts in silence because I did not want to voice it out so they don’t call me names. I have this girl that likes me so much and I like her,but because she does not have the quality of sagged boobs I have been trying to push her away but she does not want to give up, she has been begging me not to leave her , so I had to open up to her my turn on and I was glad she was ready to play along . I have done every kind of breast play to make her boobs sag but it’s still standing,sometimes I ask her to tie wrapper or towel from morning till night but her boobs won’t fall. Please what is the fastest way to sag a woman’s boobs ? My girl had this standing round boobs so it is very difficult. I will be glad if the guys and ladies can help me.